Blue Hen Bass Anglers

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The Blue Hen Bass Anglers are a group of anglers that share our love of fishing, the outdoors and friendly competition through meetings, trips and tournaments. We are not affiliated with a bass club federation. We are a very low key club that puts friendship and fellowship first and foremost.

 The club members fish with a partner of choice, alone, or if someone needs a ride, there is always someone there to take them fishing! We fish six regular season tournaments a year and one Classic tournament. The Classic is the highlight of the year and is usually a two day camping event at a lake or river.

The Blue Hen Bass Anglers formed back in the winter of 1989 as the Diamond State Bassmasters. A couple years later a federation club started of the same name, so we changed to the Blue Hen Basswackers. After five years of "wacking" bass, we decided to upgrade to the name the Blue Hen Bass Anglers and have been going strong eversince. We still have three members from that first year and many that have fished with us for 10 to 20 years. Entering our 27th season, we are as strong as ever.

Good fishing!



Glenn Tuckmantel

President BHBA